Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Who is the Priestess?

    • What is the Feminine?

  • 2


    • Background

    • Journey of the Priestess

    • The Once and Future Goddess

    • Reflections

    • Sacred Feminine Playlist

  • 3


    • Background

    • The Mythic Cycle of Cybele

    • The Wild Woman Archetype

    • Sacred Rage Ritual

    • Sacred Rage Playlist

  • 4


    • The Witch Wound

    • Reflections

    • The Ancestral Temple

    • Priestess Past Life Journey

    • The Priestess Lineages

  • 5


    • The Healer

    • The Blood Mysteries

    • The Seer

    • Past Life Grounding Practice

    • The Keeper

    • The Descent of Ishtar

  • 6


    • Certificate of Completion

    • The Invitation

    • Download the Workbook

What's Included

  • Historical readings about the Divine Feminine

  • Healing inner work, playlists, and archetypal ritual

  • Guided audio practice to discover your priestess lineage

  • Your next steps to deepen into priestess skills and leadership

"The impact working with Bri has had on my life is immeasurable."

Meg M.

“This is my second experience working with Bri, and I know in my bones it ​won’t be my last. Learning to navigate the balance between receiving Divine, ​creative feminine flow, and activating inspired masculine structure is ​something I’ve struggled with not just in my business, but in my beautiful ​little human life, as far back as I can remember. Bri’s wisdom, support, ​somatic guidance, and divine insights have radically shifted me out of a place ​ruled by scarcity and second guessing. In the first five weeks, I’ve launched my two most potent programs to date. ​These creations came naturally and organically. I built them with ease and ​shared them without a second thought. I’ve created recurring monthly ​income for the first time in my business, stepped further into my role as a ​Collective Leader, have aligned with even more soul mate clients, and my ​“brand” has become a PRESENCE that’s actually fun and desirable for me to ​embody. I can’t thank Bri enough, and I am so excited to witness your expansion ​under her wild + sacred leadership!”

"Working with Bri is life changing. For real."

Hanna E.

"Bri's tools are what my soul ​needed to move, to heal, to discover parts of myself that I’ve never seen ​before (crazy because I’m really self aware and know myself well). The ​way she leads those embodiment practices is pure art, it’s so powerful, ​so beautiful and she’s really good at it. Every time it has brought light ​exactly where it was needed. It helped me with expressing sides of ​myself I had never allowed myself to express, it has helped me in ​healing wounded parts of my body, to unblock and add fluidity again, to ​feel more love and acceptance for my body, for who I am in every ​moment. embracing how I feel, who I am now, in a lot deeper level now, ​and I know what to do now to guide myself into those spaces again."